The Project:

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects where so much is achieved by putting the right combination of effort and intuition, a brave and bold brief from Nike with a solution I like to call "My 4th baby". 

As Creative Director during its conception we designed the blueprints in creative, documentary, tone of voice and media partnerships for Nike's biggest act ever.

In 2017 Nike attempted the record in Monza, Italy - coming 26 seconds short of Breaking the sub-2hour race but having gripped the world with its audacity and humility, power and fragility and nonetheless a renewed spirit to never stop pushing the boundaries of human potential.  

Breaking2 was a unique live event.

The record attempt went beyond athletics fans – the number of people tuning in to the live stream was nearly eight times higher than the broadcast audience of the New York, Boston and Chicago marathons.

In total, 13.1 million watched the attempt live via Twitter (it was Twitter’s biggest-ever brand-driven, live-streaming event), Facebook and YouTube, with 500,000 viewing at its peak.

To date, 19 million people have watched it. 




Campaign of the year 2017

The sports brand's project to help an athlete run a sub-two-hour marathon captured the public's imagination.


“Rapha is an ignition switch for creation and crafting a compelling brand narrative. We had the opportunity to work together on the early stages of the project which would become known as Breaking2, and his sharp insights and incredible passion for narrative helped us immensely on a variety of fronts. He's a quixotic, singular creative who can bring a wealth of experience and unmatched energy to any consumer-facing problem. - Mark McCambridge -Director, Brand Communication at Nike”. 


Watch 3 of the world's best athletes attempt to break 2 hours on a full marathon.

Watch the National Geographic Documentary.